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Welcome to the Department of Applied Physics

The Universidad Politécnica of Valencia's Gandía Campus is located in the district Grau of the Gandia's beach. The Department can be found in building D on the second floor.


Building B

Building D

First of all we will see the laboratories located in building B on the first floor.

B001 - Laboratory of Photography

We are in the photography laboratory. It is located in the ground floor of building B and it is used by the students in the photography practices, corresponding to the subjet of Foundations of Optics, distributed in the second fourth month period, second course of Sound and Image.

We go on with our visit and enter the general laboratories.

B006-B009 - Acoustics and Basic Physics Laboratories

In this laboratory the rest of the practical trainings concerning basics of optics and physics are conducted, as well as the main part of the practical training of the subjects related to acoustics. The general laboratories can be found in building B on the ground floor.

Now we enter in the Acoustic Rooms.

B012 - Acoustic Rooms

We are in front of the acoustic rooms. These rooms are needed for some practical training concerning architectural acoustics, noise exposure and acoustic insulation, as well as for Diseño Acústico de Recintos.

· Anechoic chamber

This room is one of the special installations at the Gandia Campus.
One is a room that, on the one hand he is perfectly isolated of the outside with a very low background noise, and by another its interior it is covered of a series of materials and wedges that absorb the sound totally, so that the reflections are eliminated completely. It serves mainly to obtain the diagrams of directivity of loudspeakers and the acoustic power level of any other emitting device of noise - like a vacuum cleaner or microwaves. Another one of its functions is the one to make psychoacoustic experiments. In this chamber they become practical of Acoustic Transducers, Acoustic Design of Enclosures and diverse projects of investigation are developed.

· Reverberation chamber

This laboratory is constituted by nonparallel walls and ceiling between himself, totally rigid, reason why the sound is reflected causing a high reverberation. It serves to characterize the sonorous absorption of the different materials (rock wools, carpets, etc.) and of other elements (armchairs, resonators, etc.) that they are used in room acoustics, such as theaters, auditories, recording studios, etc. Also serves to determine the acoustic power level.

We leave building B and enter in building D, going up to the second floor.

D203 - Final Year Projects and Ultrasound Laboratory

In this laboratory great part of the final year project as well as the related ones to the applications of the ultrasounds is made.

D204 - Laboratory of Environmental Physics

In this laboratory the practices of Physical Foundations are made [I.T. Forest] and Basic Environmental Physics [Environmental Sciences]; as well as Optical Foundations [I.T. Telecommunications].

D204 - Laboratory of Optical Techniques

This laboratory can be found on the second floor in building D. There the projects related to this field of research are carried out.

D205-D213 - Offices

The offices of the department are situated in building D on the second floor.

D214 - DFA's Seminary

The seminary is a small room of meetings with capacity for 20 people.